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[GCPH] Patch Notes for August 17

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1 [GCPH] Patch Notes for August 17 on Wed Aug 18, 2010 7:10 pm


Bronquian Citizen
Bronquian Citizen
Taken from Grand Chase Philippines Forum:

Patch Notes for Aug 17
Content Update
- PRE Deva
- Gift Board
- Crafting Event Week 3: Heaven's Guardian Set+Wings, Grand Sage Armor+Cape and SD Toilet Head
- Crafting Raw Materials Weekend

- Activated Deva Buff
- Activated New Enlightenment Signboard
- Activated Collecting Present Gift Fragments!
- Activated Crafting Items: Grand Sage Armor+Cape and SD Toilet Head
- Activated Crafting Raw Materials Weekend
- Level Up! to 70! Rewards are on going
- Crafting Items: Heaven's Guardian Set+Wings are on going

Item Update
- Released Champion Power Up Package
- Released Asura Power Up Package
- Released Present Box Fragments 1~9 Package
- Released Present Box Fragments 1~3 / 4~6 / 7~9 Package
- Slime Helmet and QuQu Helmet SALE are on going
- Limited Edition Ellia Accessories Package (3 and 7 Days)are on going
- Castle of Domination Clear Package are on going

- Fixed Amy and Sieghart Castle Lord Ring Bug

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