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[GCPH] Patch Notes for September 14

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1 [GCPH] Patch Notes for September 14 on Tue Sep 21, 2010 8:34 pm


Bronquian Citizen
Bronquian Citizen
Taken from Grand Chase Philippines Forum:

Patch Notes for Sep 14
Content Update
- Sieghart 2nd Job the Warlord
- Dice Game Board

- Activated Warlord Buff
- Activated Sieghart Transformation
- Activated Warlord Job Change Reward
- Activated Skill Tree Fan Art and Video Making Contest
- Activated Warlord Weekend
- Activated Dice Game Board
- Removed Skill Tree Buff!
- Removed Defenders of Bermesiah Mission
- Removed Skill Tree Weekend
- Removed Gacha Ariel
- Removed Crafting Event

Item Update
- Released Sieghart Power Up Package
- Released Warlord's Armor Set+Cape, and Halberd Weapon
- Released Dice Coin (Max of 10 purchases per day)
- Removed Limited Edition Elesis Skill Tree Package
- Removed Limited Edition Ryan Skill Tree Package
- Removed Spell Book and Spell Book Packages 10/20/30/60

- Fixed Round Stream LV2 damage as of Sep 13
- Fixed Druid Skill Tree Bloody Funeral as of Sep 13
- Fixed Knight Cash Skill Storm Blade as of Sep 13
- Applied Elesis Common skill to Spearman as of Sep 13

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