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[GCPH] Patch Notes for October 19, 2010

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1 [GCPH] Patch Notes for October 19, 2010 on Tue Oct 19, 2010 9:41 pm


Bronquian Citizen
Bronquian Citizen
Taken from The Grand Chase Section of the Level Up! Games Philippines Unified Forums

Patch Notes for Oct 19
Content Update
- Rainbow 7

- Activated Rainbow 7
- Activated Rainbow in the Sky!
- Activated Rainbow 7 Presents
- Activated Rainbow of Hope Collection
- Activated Rainbow 7 Weekend
- Skill Tree Buff is on going
- Skill Tree Signboard is on going
- Lire / Lass / Arme / Ronan Skill Tree Video Making Contest is on going
- I <3 GC Fan Sign Making Contest is on going
- October Collecting Lucky Coins is on going
- Removed Skill Tree Weekend

Item Update
- Released Limited Edition Necklace (Lightning/Ice/Fire/Love/Light/Shadow/Rose) and Anklet Packages
- Released Skill Tree Mage/Magic Knight Packages
- Released 2P Violet Magician Staff and 2P Magic Knight Magic Sword

- Jin's Demonic Vajra Card Slots

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