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Ys Seven for PsP

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1 Ys Seven for PsP on Sat Aug 21, 2010 10:29 am


Bronquian Citizen
Bronquian Citizen
I got a new game and it is called Ys Seven. It looks like a simple hack and slash game but there's more. Let me give my first impression rating about the game. This is the first time that I'll be sharing my comments about a game Smile

Gameplay: 8 , At first I was like yeah I can beat the crap out of the enemies with my sword and then this hard shelled monster arrived what happened to my attacks it is not working. In the game, Monsters have specific weaknesses and resistance (A little bit like pokemon perhaps?) So far what keeps me entertained is the boss battles which will take some time to get used to because of their high HPs. Overall Gameplay is aboslutely satisfying.

Music: 8 , The tunes in the game are quite lively especially when I first entered the battlefield, I was hacking my way through the enemies while enjoying the tune. Hoping for better tunes as I continue playing this game.

Story: 5 , The Beginning of the game is boring, I never understand a thing about what I should, maybe it's just me. I hope the story becomes better as I progress.

Well that is all I could say, you might have your opinions of the game. If you ever need tips and hints, let us share here now. Sorry for the poor game review as I said it is my first time. Enjoy Ys Seven.

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